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How Businesses use Pinterest to Grow Their Website Traffic and Make Sales

It seems like just yesterday Pinterest, among the troop of social media platforms and sites, was a baby used by few. But we blinked. And now Pinterest is referred to as one of the Big Four—social media platforms and sites which when leveraged correctly, can result in maximized ROI for any brand big or small.

The goals are many. They include Web traffic, customer engagement, and ultimately- sales.

But these can only be realized when the correct guardrails, and best practices are put in place. We’ve all seen the social media fails that occur when businesses, and even individual owners do not correctly use such platforms. Lucky for you, today I am sharing some tips and tricks to ensure your business is getting everything it can out of Pinterest. For those unfamiliar? Here’s a crash course in how to navigate the site. Successfully graduated? Let’s dive right in:

How Businesses use Pinterest to Grow Their Website Traffic and Make Sales

Plan Your Timing Right

As with many important things in life, the time of day and week that you plan to post and pin, is very important. Website visit timing will vary by industry. I recommend that you take advantage of analytics tools and then schedule your pins accordingly using platforms like buffer. It takes the stress off your plate, and means that you don’t need to be physically sitting at your desk when the pin goes live. I also recommend being cognizant of cadence. You can pin too little, and you can definitely pin too much. I recommend updating three-five boards at least five times a week.

Track Results and Adjust

As noted above, analytics platforms, software and sites will be your best friends through this journey. They’ll be your tell-all guide to what pins folks are clicking on, and what content is leading them directly to your site. Remember that immediate success is not imminent here. In fact, plan to check and adjust regularly so that your strategy is evergreen and dynamic.

Tell Your Story on Pinterest

The pins that you add to your page are an extension of your brand strategy. As with any element of your brand strategy, it should tie directly to the mission, vision and long-term goals of the company. It should support whatever marketing and advertising is already being shared at a consumer level. But more-so than that, it can be creative and fun. If you’re a hotel, then tell the story of the activities that a visitor can experience there, and in the surrounding city. If you’re a car company, perhaps you can provide helpful information about changing tires. And if you’re a food brand, you have the opportunity to share different recipes and nutritional information about snacks that complement yours. As you can see, the opportunities run the gamut. It’s just a question of taking a creative leap of faith.

Has your company had a notable experience on Pinterest? Questions about the above tips? They’re just the tip of the iceberg for a platform that will continue to evolve, and no doubt remain an integral part of any marketing strategy.