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Tripwires’ Role in Your Business Plan

Tripwires Role in Your Business PlanTripwires are a recent digital marketing tool, used to better leverage your existing website traffic and turn more visitors into paying customers. In fact, research suggests that websites with a tripwire are up to 70% more likely to make a conversion than websites without. We’re sure that your reaction is split between, “Wow! Super cool. Sign me up—how do I set up a tripwire?” and “What the heck is a tripwire?” Luckily for you, Yarra Web will cover both of the above.

First up—what the heck is a trip wire? Short answer—it’s the current trendiest way to bring in customers on the front end. You may be familiar with lead magnets- a marketing mechanism that offers an enticing offer to initial customers in exchange for general contact information. In this scenario, the company wins because they’ve been able to grow the customer base. The next step (and a challenging one for many companies) is to upsell using compelling content on both digital and traditional advertising. Tripwire content marketing circumvents this. You segment the leads that you’ve obtained into smaller interest groups. You sell them a low-price item. The next and most crucial differentiating step is to upsell these customers into one of your main services or products.

Still shaking your head in confusion? Let’s look at an example. Let’s say that Coca Cola procures a potential lead list. The company reaches out with a 10% coupon for Diet Coke. A number of recipients use the coupon that they receive, confirming contact information and establishing some trust. Coca Cola is then incentivized to advertise either their latest or greatest Coke product to this audience. You already know that you have brand fans. It’s now up to the company to upsell the main stars in their show.

The benefits are exponential. Many don’t realize that the tripwire has been around for a while, even before the inception of the world wide web. We know—it’s tough to think about when such a time existed. However, with the birth of the internet, marketing strategies like this one simplify and speed up. Tripwires are low cost, they are low risk, they are irresistible to the companies currently leveraging them. This is because you’ve gained the trust of your customers with a gift right off of the bat. You have excited and enticed them. The next step is all on you. You now need to continue the story with follow-up brand stories about your mainstage products.

Another fun fact? Existing buyers are far more likely to purchase than fresh leads. Veterans share that this is because we’re an increasingly cynical market of buyers and users, always looking for the catch. This is important to note. You never want to defer from your marketing strategy or your brand values. The only exception to the success of tripwires, is dishonest storytelling by a brand.

Think that a tripwire may make a huge difference in your brand’s digital, web or general marketing strategy? Give Yarra Web a shout. We would love to hear from you and determine the best way for your brand to provide the broadest reach possible.