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Leverage LinkedIn to Grow Your Client Base

Leverage LinkedIn to Grow Your Client BaseDid you know that someone new joins LinkedIn every two seconds? Inc. refers to LinkedIn’s customer base as distinctive and captive. They’re on the platform for a reason, and they can be enticed to be on the platform for a while. Gone are the days that we visited the site as graduates and professionals, looking solely to design polished resumes for potential employers. Today, LinkedIn is a verifiable playground of potential clients; But only if you navigate it correctly. Today, Yarra Web shares five best practices to keep in mind, when putting together your strategy:

Content Comes First

You don’t build a LinkedIn strategy, or any strategy for that matter, overnight. You need to start from scratch and finesse over time, you don’t earn credibility for your brand, when you post an abundance of related content, in a short timeframe. Rather, if you think about what sets you apart, and produce content that solves the problems of your audience, you’ll be well on your way to laying a solid LinkedIn strategy foundation. 

Walk the Walk

You can preach about your skillset until the cows come home, but words only have so much worth. There’s a reason that the saying, “a picture is worth a thousand words,” is so widely used. But with the evolution of technology, we’re beyond photos of your work or happy customers. Take advantage of the different media available to you. Share a video of your process, or a podcast where you doll out advice. This is a great way to make the shift from industry participant, to expert in your field.

Get Focused

Let’s face it, you can’t be an expert in everything. Why would you want to be? It’s also detrimental to your business model if you claim to know a little bit of everything. You dilute your brand and show potential customers that they shouldn’t necessary trust you. Instead, find your niche. Think about what you’re really passionate about, what you’re really good at, and what benefits you can bring to your customers, that are specific to you. Once you’re focused, you can dominate the market in your industry.

It’s all About Headlines

When you open up a newspaper, or catch up on daily events on the Web, what’s the first thing that you notice? We’re pretty sure it’s not the author byline, or a detail buried in the second paragraph. It’s most likely the headline, the best way to captivate visitor’s attention and pull them into your content. There’s a couple of rules here- keep it short, use your verbs, don’t give away too much. You still want your audience to explore the content.

Build an Empire

Here at Yarra Web, we believe that there is a lot of value in working with your competitors. You can learn from them, they can learn from you, and your customers always benefit. On LinkedIn, it makes sense to reach out to others in your industry and design strategic partnerships. Maybe you can link to each other’s content, maybe you can swap product plugs. At the very least, you’ve demonstrated respect, and helped to make the industry a better one.

Questions? Comments? Thoughts about LinkedIn strategies? Reach out to Yarra Web. We would love to hear from you.