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2017 Social Takeaways… So Far

In 2017, the amount spent on total social network spending has risen to a cool $32.97 billion. Chump change, right? Who knew that so many business’ and in fact industries’ success would be driven by digital content and strategy. Today, Yarra Web dives into key social media takeaways from the year thus far—on which platform should you be engaging your customers? Where should you be spending your budget? And what tools are already old news? Let’s take a look.

Shift to mobile, and do it now

It seems like just yesterday, mobile was the new buzzword. While it still is, it’s become a higher and higher priority for companies to shift from desktop experiences to mobile. By 2020, many experts including eMarketer have projected that 59% will only access apps like that of Facebook, through mobile. That may be why their mobile ads bring in 80% of their revenue. Mobile-only access dominates in markets like Asia-Pacific, where much of user-expansion is taking place.

Tell more dynamic stories using video

2017 Social Takeaways So Far

Verge has coined the phrase, “the camera is the keyboard,” which seems to be a popular refrain at Facebook, snapchat and others. You may have noticed that many of Facebook’s features mirror those of snapchat, by design. Twitter and LinkedIn followed suit, twitter releasing a native video publisher and integrating Periscope – a live streaming platform – into the user experience; LinkedIn adding video features for its influences. This has positively impacted every company, except for snapchat- whose stock took a plunge in reports from this quarter’s investor presentations. We’re not ready to say goodbye to static imagery and texts just yet, but the shift is on the horizon more than ever.

Your parents, and grandparents, could be your key markets sooner than you think

It started with those at the University age. Teens and tweens followed. Instead of continuing the trend towards younger users, research shows that older demographics are jumping onboard more than ever. Both twitter and Facebook have started to show age-splits—closer to 40% for users, older than 30. This is important to note when putting together your content strategies, as these different demographics learn and digest information very differently. Even the language that you use for your taglines and social posts may need to be finessed through A/B testing.

Monitor analytics, and keep these new metrics in mind

Yarra Web can’t stress enough the importance of leveraging analytics tools and reporting to identify trends. There are a slew available for free and at low costs, but some of our favorites include buffer, hootsuite and keyhole. But it’s not just the tools and platforms that are important here, the metrics are also changing. One of the biggest to charge onto the scene is average revenue per user. How much money is hitting your bottom line per consumer? Brands may have to pay more to promote, social channels may start charging more for their services.

What platforms have promoted growth for your consumer base this year? What platforms have been difficult to navigate? Have you begun to grow your social audience yet? Yarra Web wants to help. Reach out to our team to determine the best way to build your digital empire.