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About Page- Your Site’s Hidden Gem

It’s one of the most overlooked opportunities in the design of your site. It’s become an afterthought, the last thing completed by your designers and developers—a short collection of words and maybe a hastily thought through headshot or product photo. But though page visits differ across a variety of industries, the About Page is frequently one of a company’s highest rank. Check out this Quora conversation for the different between page visits and page rank.

A great About Page can be the difference between being a face in the crowd and properly engaging with your audience. Here are Yarra Web’s recommendations to ensure that yours is a cut above the rest:

Make sure that you have one

It may sound like overly simple advice, but in the last few years, the vast majority of company sites have not had properly designed and developed About Pages.

About Page - Your Site’s Hidden Gem

Design it like an introduction at a party

Do you remember the last cocktail party or dinner get-together that you attended? We’re willing to bet that you had to introduce yourself or someone else to at least one other person. Did you share a fun fact about them? A commonality with the person receiving the introduction? Treat your About Pages the same way. Don’t assume that site visitors know exactly what they’re looking for and how to find it. This means the little things like name, location and profession are more important than you may have thought.

Entice with a large and impactful visual

As Smashing Magazine puts so eloquently, “the more we use computers to communicate, the less face-to-face interaction we get.” Your About Page can bridge this gap, a blank canvas where you can add a headshot, a product video, a brand video or all of the above.

Take advantage of different media

A photo is good, dynamic and interactive visuals are better. This is your opportunity to play up your personality and the values of your brand. You may want to explore a gif or video format, in order to properly tell your story.

Ensure that all information is accessible and easy to navigate

A common trap is to spend too much time adding everything that you possibly can, to your About page. Walk through it the way that you would want your audience to. Then have it reviewed by at least three additional stakeholders, inside and out of your company. Make sure that they’re people that you trust to provide honest feedback. Then integrate their feedback so that your About Page is as sleek, but as simple as possible.

Looking for examples? Check out this article for some of those that we’ve found most creative. Questions? Comments? Ready to take your site to the next level with help from our team? Please let us know, we would love to hear from you.