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Beach Towels Online

Our Responsibilities

About the Project

Beach Towels Online is an e-commerce store selling a range of beach towels at wholesale prices. The store is built on a Shopify platform, which is a software specialising in e-commerce stores.

Our brief was to create a fun, easy to use, light and bright website and logo to showcase a range of beach towels and then quickly launch the site to market in an effort to capture the early pre-summer demand for beach towels from a range of  industries. As a wholesaler, the target markets were clearly defined to specific industries such as the hotel and resort sector, which meant a clear focus and intention for the Google advertising campaigns created, which include remarketing, shopping and classic adwords.

The site very successfully captured the oncoming Beach Towel season without any lag time after launch, and is continually used as an avenue for selling large quantities of beach towels to wholesale customers.