Marketing Trends for Your Small Business – 2019 and Beyond

The business world is highly cluttered. The battle for consumers’ trust is constant, and things are even more difficult for small businesses. You’re not only facing direct competition with locally, but also indirect competition from around the world thanks to the internet. Ordering something from halfway around the world is not much harder than from […]

What Can Impact Your Local SEO Rankings?

So much attention nowadays goes to digital, global businesses that operate successfully without any borders. And yet, the entire world is brimming with small, local businesses that help grow the local economy, bring innovation to their society, and improve the quality of life for their community. These businesses are in the majority, as they take […]

The Ultimate Guide to Structuring Your Blog Posts

So, you’ve done all the planning, research and legwork, and now you’ve got a compelling article that is destined to convert. All that’s left to do is hit the publish button, sit back, and watch the visitors roll in. Right?

How to a Set Social Media Advertising Budget

Planning a digital marketing strategy for 2019 could be more difficult than ever, as the competition is becoming denser by the day, and the technologies and trends are changing by a minute.

The Importance of NAP Consistency for Local SEO

Most online visitors rely on search engines and social media platforms to discover the best products and services. NAP (Name, Phone number, and Address) of businesses has become one of the key elements in local SEO lately. It’s a must for brands that want to expand their customer base and rank higher in SERP (search […]

What to Ask Every Digital Marketing Agency

Digital marketing represents the process of promoting business products and services through internet channels across electronic devices. This can be done through computers, smartphones, and tablets. The businesses require the services of digital marketing specialists to reach many consumers on a global scale. There are various sub-branches of digital marketing which include Search Engine Optimization, […]

Top 5 Mobile Marketing Tips To Grow Customer Base

Do you think you don’t need to invest in mobile marketing unless your targeted customers are teenagers? Think again! Research shows that people of all ages are using smartphones more than ever.

Optimizing with A/B Testing

Optimizing with A/B testing is simply the process of testing two variants (in other words an A and a B variant) of some element of your marketing activities. By comparing their performance we can draw conclusions and apply the results to optimize for success.
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