We Just Contributed 330 Trees to the Yarra Yarra Biodiversity Corridor

In a year full of undigestible news, it’s refreshing to know that we can still create some lasting positive change, like giving money or time to a good cause. In that spirit, we’ve just ordered 330 trees from Carbon Neutral to be planted in the “Yarra Yarra Biodiversity Corridor” in Western Australia.

What is the Corridor?

It’s a project to replant approximately 10,000 square kilometres of land in Western Australia that was cleared through European settlement. It’s Australia’s largest revegetation project, based on carbon capture and biodiversity.

Why here?

The farmland is mostly unproductive and this project will help protect some endangered animal species which only live in this area.

Does this project offset carbon and help the fight against climate change?

Not in an “official” carbon offset way. But trees capture Co2 from the atmosphere as they grow. More on that here.

Why did we choose Carbon Neutral?

We’re skeptical of many “good causes”, as it’s well established that the impact of funds can fluctuate wildly depending on the cause.

We chose this project because:

  • Capturing Co2 helps the whole planet for a very long time.
  • It seems cheap, at around $3 per tree.
  • It will help protect some really cute endangered animals.
  • The positive impacts could be very long lasting, like 100’s of years… (won’t these 330 trees do what trees do and drop seeds and create more trees?).

Bonus Video:

Of inspirational people involved with the project – especially the man at 1:58 whose face is home to a population of flies…. how does he do it?

Should you contribute money to this project?

Obviously! Go now and contribute and you too will receive the warm and fuzzies:


Will the animals I help protect be grateful to me personally?

Yes it’s a scientific fact that animals love people that donate to their well being*.


*May not be science.

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