4 More Unusual Ways To Create Content For Your Website

4 More Unusual Ways To Create Content For Your Website

Content is a vital part of any successful website. It helps you to rank in Google, sells the value of your brand, and lets your customers engage with your company.

However, just sticking to the traditional methods of creating your own unique content is time consuming and expensive. To help you save time and money, I’ve listed 4 unusual ways that you can add content to your website quickly and painlessly.

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Engage your readers by holding AMA sessions

Reader engagement is enormously important to the success of your website – you will retain an average of 89% of your readers if the content on your website is strong, and just 33% if your content engagement game is weak.

One of the unusual ways that you can engage your readers is to hold AMA sessions.

AMA (Ask Me Anything) sessions are interactive forms of content when you speak to your readers and customers directly on a predetermined subject. It helps people feel a sense of ownership and community around your brand, and will stop your content from feeling too one-dimensional.

You can hold them in a variety of ways:

  • Reddit’s Ask Me Anything – A Q&A session via Reddit
  • Twitter – Create an #AskMeAnything tag and get your readers
  • Webinars – Let your readers pick the brains of your brand experts

AMA roundups make for great blogs and vlogs and can generate a lot of (deserving) industry buzz.

Be careful if you opt to use this form of content for your website because AMAs can create unexpected and unwelcome content, as you can see in the video below…

Curate content and leverage competitor content

Content curation is the act of sourcing relevant content and then presenting it on your website in a way that is organised and easy for your visitors to understand.

While you might think it unusual to add content your website which you haven’t created yourself, it is recommend that 35% of the content you have on your website should be curated.

There are a number of benefits to using curated content from competitor or complementary sites:

  • It allows you to add the opinions of industry leaders to your website
  • It helps improve your SEO by allowing you to create indexable pages
  • It lets you add your brand voice to a pre-existing topic

There are a number of tools that you can use to add curated content to your website. Curata is the industry leader in content curation and it has been recognised as a leader in content marketing software.

Repurpose content across different formats

Most pieces of content that you create can be used more than once on your website. All that you need to do is repurpose it into the relevant format and then you can give your readers some snackable content.

It’s simple to understand the benefits of repurposing your content because it:

  • Saves you time
  • Is good for SEO
  • Lets you engage in multichannel marketing
  • Allows to reach a greater number of people

There are a huge number of ways that you can repurpose content to get more value from it, including:

For more information on how you can repurpose your content for your website, check out the brilliant video below…

Add UGC galleries to your website

User-generated-content (UGC) is one of the best ways you can create content for your website. Not only do you not have to create it yourself, your visitors are more likely to engage with it than almost any other type of content – check out the stats below which prove this:

  • A UGC photo is 5 times more likely to convert than a non-UGC image
  • UGC can improve your conversion rate by up to 6.4%
  • 47% of the highest performing teams in content marketing use UGC

A UGC gallery is an image gallery that is populated automatically with pictures that are sent to your website by your visitors, and there are a number of platforms that enable you to add on to your website.

Curalate is one great example of the software that you can use to add UGC content to your website. It uses image recognition algorithms to scrape social media conversations to allow you to add UGC to your website in a matter of seconds.


Content is a vital part of the any successful website. It allows you to get your message across, lets you engage with your customers, boosts your website’s SEO, and helps to make your website more secure.

While there are plenty of traditional ways that you can create content, there are many unusual ways that you can add it to your website. Now that you know what these unusual ways are, start using them and you’ll be sure to have an even more successful website.

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