5 Web Design Influencers to Follow (Plus One Bonus)

Here at Yarra Web, we’re lucky to work in an industry where we’re surrounded by the best and the brightest. We’re lucky that we’re driven by the sole purpose of being more and more creative and innovative, year over year. We try to keep a consistent pulse on not only what trends to follow, but who they’re being driven by. Read on for a list of some of our favourite Web design influencers and what exactly they’re bringing to the game.

5 Web Design Influencers to Follow (Plus One Bonus)

Chris Coyier is the guy behind css-trends.net, as well as the founder of @CodePen. Both have something in common, with extensive tips and tricks, no matter what your level of coding may be. He tries to bridge the gap between Web design and Web development and has said, “There has long been an unfortunate disconnect between visual design for the web and web design and development. We’re over here designing pictures of websites, not websites – so the sentiment goes.” Follow him on twitter, here.

Mike Monteiro is the brains behind Mule Design, which is a beautifully designed site. His vision is that everyone wants to innovate, but no one wants to change. Looking to make a big change and switch up your Website, you can check out the different Websites and tutorials available on Mike’s site. Mike’s blog is also worth checking out, with a range of topics covered. Follow him on twitter, here.

Chris Spooner came up with Spoon Graphics, a free repository of different templates, graphic files and other resources. The blog is extensive and in-depth with a visual designer lens on the different topics written about. For an additional monthly fee, you can have access to 100+ vectors, brushes, logos, textures, patterns and more. Follow him on twitter, here.

Steven Snell founded and owns Vanderlay Design, where you’ll find trends, tips and advice for UX, UI and programming. His realm of expertise, as displayed on his blog, even ventures into the email marketing and WordPress realms, providing helpful hints in these spaces. Follow him on twitter, here.

Ronald Bien is an expert in the blog space, and his site shows that he knows his stuff. Aside from helpful articles, his company Naldz Graphics also shares tutorials and custom WordPress themes. You can sign up for a free newsletter to connect to his community of more than 160,000 and follow him on twitter, here.

We’d be remiss if we didn’t call out our favourite team of Web experts around, right here at Yarra Web. As you know, we’ve been executing online marketing solutions and web design for Melbourne businesses since 2008. Since you’re visiting it right now, you’re also probably aware that our blog offers a broad range of articles in the Web design and development space. Looking for a topic and not finding it? Let us know! We’re dedicated to providing timely, entertaining and informative blog posts about the topics that matter to those who matter most – you.

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