Five Emails to Maximise Sales from Your Existing Customers

Did you know that repeat sales from current customers should generate 15% of your e-commerce revenue?

In fact, it is about seven times more expensive to acquire a new customer, than a repeat sale. Most e-commerce business owners are aware of this, but they lack the tools and knowledge to capitalize on it with email marketing. The irony? It costs almost nothing, and if you’re doing it correctly, you can identify a 15% piece of your sales market.

It makes sense as a time investment. Email marketing tops your marketing opportunities in ROI. In this post, you will find a generic email sequence that every e-commerce business owner can leverage. When used properly, these emails can be used as tools to create repeat sales.

Disclaimer- these emails should be used to target existing customers, not new clientele.


Email #1- Build trust and establish your brand values

When to send: Immediately after a customer makes a purchase.

What to send:

  • Do not make your first customer connection post-sale, another sales pitch. Instead, welcome them to the brand, and thank them for taking the time to check out your site. Check out some of these examples.
  • Be helpful. You should be the expert on your product. Provide helpful information like how-to guides, or tips and tricks, so that your customer has a pleasant, easy experience.
  • Establish your brand values. Take the extra time to design this email. Make it visual. Does it match the look and feel of your site? You want to ensure that there is a direct correlation between your site and this email.
  • Mobile responsive- An increasingly large part of the market today, are receiving most of their communications via mobile devices. If mobile isn’t a part of your strategy right now, think about incorporating it soon. This can be a very small shift, just ensuring that your communications and advertising are designed to show up well on your customer’s screen- no matter what the size or shape.
Subject: Welcome to [Insert Brand]!
Email body:Thank you for taking the time to check out [insert brand]. We’re so excited to welcome you to the community and appreciate that you took the time to check out our site.We think that you’ll really enjoy [insert product]. Looking to make the most of your experience? Check out these resources to familiarize yourself with the [insert product].


Email #2- Check back in

When to send: One week-post purchase.

Tips and Tricks:

  • Establish a customer-service focused model. Confirm that your customer has received their product. Share easy-to-follow process information if they have not, or need to communicate with someone on your team.
  • Open a conversation. Provide a permanent feedback loop for reviews, questions, and thoughts. Show that you truly value the feedback of your customer.
Subject: Have you Received your [Insert Product Name]?
Email body:[Insert brand name] hopes that you’ve received and are enjoying [insert product name].Haven’t yet received? Please reach out to [customer service information] or follow these steps to confirm the status of your order:
• [Insert order status steps]
[Insert brand name]’s success depends on the satisfaction of our customers. You are our most valuable asset and we really appreciate your feedback.
Questions or comments about [insert product name]? We’d love to hear from you. Please reach out [insert contact information].
Thank you,
[Insert brand name]


Email #3- Cross Sell

When to send: Three weeks-post purchase.

What to send:

  • Show the range of your products. Here’s where the cross-sell comes into play. You’ve already earned a sale, now show your customers similar products that either complement or enhance their previous purchase. This shows that you’re in-tune with their buying decisions, and positions your company as a valuable part of their e-commerce experience.
  • But, keep it simple. This is not your forum to share 20 different variations of the product that was purchased. This is your forum to acknowledge their purchase and elevate their experience using it.
  • Use visuals- they appeal especially well to the millennial market, which is quickly dominating many industries. Can you use a picture instead of a description or directive? Less is more, ensuring that your customers are equipped to decide quickly.
  • Optimize your timing- Many e-commerce and email marketing platforms come standard with analytics components. These are a wonderful resource to determine when you can reach your customers best. Keep a close watch on your Open Rates, and Click Through Rates, and then log the days/times of the week that these are the highest.
Subject: Did you enjoy [Insert purchase product]? Check out [Insert cross-sell product]!
Email body:There are many benefits to the [insert purchase product]. Including [insert 2-3 benefits].Did you know that you can enhance your [insert industry or field] experience even further with the [insert cross-sell product]? [Insert cross-sell product description and 2-3 complements/benefits].You can also check out similar products here [link to site category].Questions? Comments? Please reach out to our Customer Service team, we’d love to hear from you.
Thank you,
[Insert brand name]


Email #4- Direct Sale

When to send: Six weeks-post purchase.

What to send:

  • Link directly to the product, not an informational page. Research has shown that sales jump up by 25% if you ensure that your customer does not have to click more than twice, to make a purchase online.
  • Timing is crucial. Research has shown that the six-week mark is when the 3/47/50 rule emerges- 3% of your visitors are ready to purchase from you now; 47% aren’t ready to purchase now, but they will in the near future; 50% of your customers will not purchase in the future from you.
  • Leverage scarcity. Incorporating verbiage like “We Never Do This”, or “Limited Inventory Available” positions your products as valuable for your customers. If they purchase, they will be a limited part of the market that has ownership of your product, increasing its value.
  • You should personalise all of your emails, with your brand values. In this email, it’s particularly crucial that you create a human connection, so that your customers do not think they’re being scammed. Sign it from the President or someone in a leadership position.
Subject: Limited Inventory of [Insert product name]. Shop Now While Stock Lasts.
Email body:There’s never been a better time to purchase [insert product name]. For a limited duration, click here for the level of quality that you’ve come to expect from [Insert brand name], at bargain prices.As a valued customer, consider this a thank you, for being a member of the [insert brand name] community.-[Insert owner or CEO name]


Email #5- Engagement Discounts

When to send: Three months-post purchase

What to send:

  • Create engagement, as well as sales. Ask for a like or connection on your social media page, in return for a discount. Bonus points if your customer is able to provide something more qualitative like a comment, or engage in a social media conversation. This will be seen by additional customers, who are then encouraged to check out your site.
  • Do this regularly. A change in seasons is a natural opportunity to begin a new conversation with your customers. Even if they haven’t purchased in the last few months, chances are, that your inventory may now offer them something new.
  • Think about your subject line- It’s about 80% of the strategy. Is it enticing? Does it draw your attention? If the answer to any of these questions is no, you may want to think twice before hitting send.
Subject: Give Us a Like, We’ll Share [Insert % off] on [Insert product name or product line]
Email body:[Insert 2-3 sentences of seasonal brand personalization, i.e.- spring has sprung and so has our new line of sample product name].We want to share our newest product line with you! Bonus? Share your story and like us on facebook [or sub in alternative social media platform], to receive [insert % off] your next order with [insert brand name].We look forward to hearing from you!


Keep this email sequence in mind, and you’ll begin to see a huge upswing in traffic. Remember that your customer is a valuable resource, not just for sales, but to refine and enhance your email marketing strategy. Listen to, and learn from their needs, and you won’t go wrong.

Questions? Ideas? Please reach out to the Yarra Web team. We’d love to hear from you.

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