Top 5 Mobile Marketing Tips To Grow Customer Base

Top 5 Mobile Marketing Tips To Grow Customer Base

Do you think you don’t need to invest in mobile marketing unless your targeted customers are teenagers?

Think again!

Research shows that people of all ages are using smartphones more than ever. Did you know that:

  • 92% of American adults own a smartphone;
  • People check their smartphones 80 times on average every day;
  • 90% of consumers watch videos on smartphones.

To put it plainly, every online business needs to target mobile users to stay in the game. And if you do mobile marketing correctly, you might well be able to stand out from the crowd.

So what does it really take to get great results from a mobile marketing campaign?

Well, why don’t you have a look at these tips from App Geeks that can help you drive maximum traction from your campaign?

Mobile-Friendly Emails

Many online marketers think that emails are passé in this age of instant messaging apps. Are you one of them?

Then you couldn’t be more wrong. Research shows that by the time this year ends, there would be 2.2 billion mobile users worldwide.

Take the cue and start sending customers mobile-friendly emails.

How to make emails mobile-friendly? Glad you asked.

Keep both the design and content short and straightforward so that the message is clearly displayed on small screens. Additionally, make sure your emails have call-to-action buttons easily visible.

Top 5 Mobile Marketing Tips To Grow Customer Base

Text Message Mobile Marketing

With smartphone users relying on text messages to communicate, online marketers simply can’t ignore text message marketing.

So start building an SMS list, if you don’t yet have one, to send well-timed SMS promotional messages to consumers. For instance, if you’re running a sale, you can send consumers text messages to inform them about the best deals.

Needless to say, the success of your SMS message marketing campaign depends largely on the number of subscribers you have. To improve subscription count, promote your SMS marketing list everywhere you can, including your site and in your promotional emails.

Additionally, consider adopting the time-tested strategy of encouraging users to do what you want them to do by offering them an incentive, like a gift card or a discount. Such a campaign can beef up your subscription list considerably at no time at all.

Voice Optimization

Did you know that more than 20% of voice searches are done on mobile devices?

Therefore, it is important that you optimize your content for it.

Because key phrases used in voice search are different than those used in text search, you will need to identify expressions people are likely to use to search your business or products through voice commands.

Voice search phrases have two distinct features. They are longer and more natural-sounding than long-tail keywords used in text search. Additionally, they are often in the form of a question.

Tools are available that help you find voice search key phrases relevant to your business or products, and you should consider using one.

Site Speed

Impressive site speed is crucial. Slow site speed can harm much of the good work you do to make your site mobile-friendly.

For instance, even if your site were to rank among the first few on mobile search results, you may not get a lot of organic traffic if it loads slowly on mobile devices.


Because today’s consumers have little patience, mobile users even less. According to a report, 74% of mobile users abandon a site if it takes more than 5 seconds to load on their smartphones.

So take the cue and improve site speed. If web development is not your cup of tea, hire a reputable web developer to fix the issue.

App-Based Mobile Marketing

This is another biggie. With 80% of the mobile time being spent on using mobile applications, there’s no way you can ignore the app-based marketing.

Most of your competitors may already have developed an app. If you delay developing one any longer, your dream of being number one in your niche may remain just that — a dream.

That said, there are two things you must remember when doing app-based marketing.

  1. User-Friendly App – There are hundreds of thousands of once-used-then-forever-forgotten apps in the digital landscape. Why add another one to this ignominious list? Mobile users have neither sympathy nor time for poorly designed apps. So make sure yours has user-friendly interface and features.
  2. Free App – Most companies offer free apps, and consumers expect the same from you. Remember, app-based marketing is a numbers game, so a paid app will prove counterproductive to your goal of growing your customer base.

What else you need to do? Check out this infographic because it has loads of mobile marketing tips.

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