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Google Analytics Goals for Business Websites

Google Analytics Goals for Business Websites

Google Analytics Goals are probably the most important metric for your business’s website. I’m fully serial.

How to Setup Google Analytics Goals in 7 Easy Steps

Setup Google Analytics goals in 7 easy steps

Learn how to setup the most powerful metric in online marketing in about 2 minutes.

How to use hashtags in a social media strategy? #Hashtags 201

hashtag 201 social media strategy the power of hashtag

So you’ve gotten a taste for the hashtag (we can’t really blame you) and are back to learn more… Very smart. The hashtag has become a mainstay in social media strategies, and it doesn’t appear to be going anywhere, anytime soon. As a reminder, in Hashtag 101– we learned its brief history, how to formulate […]

What is a hashtag? #Hashtags 101

hashtag 101 in the sand #

Heard all about #hashtags but have no idea what those kids are talking about? Read this two minute article to get you up to date.

This is how builders can attract leads online and avoid tyre kickers.

How Independent Home Builders can Attract Leads Online

It’s simple for home builders to use the internet to generate a steady flow of highly qualified leads. This article shows you how.

Five Emails to Maximise Sales from Your Existing Customers

coupon sale bonus email marketing

Did you know that emailing your past customers should generate 15% of your e-commerce revenue?

How To Gather Data From Your Team For Your Digital Marketing Strategy

bar chart

Businesses that use analytics and data effectively in their marketing strategies demonstrate higher productivity and profitability rates.

Google Analytics basics – 3 key stats for Business Websites

Just been introduced to Google Analytics and don’t know a “bounce rate” from a jam scone? No worries! Read three key things to get you on your way in Google Analytics.

Two MUST DO steps before you start using Google Analytics

Examples of spam referral data in Google Analytics

Two quick configuration steps you MUST do in Google analytics before you start analysing your data – filter out spam referrals and your own visits.

Are banner sliders out of fashion?

Apple uses a sliding banner

The jury is IN and banner sliders are OUT. This is why.