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Google Analytics basics – 3 key stats for Business Websites

Just been introduced to Google Analytics and don’t know a “bounce rate” from a jam scone? No worries! Read three key things to get you on your way in Google Analytics.

Two MUST DO steps before you start using Google Analytics

Examples of spam referral data in Google Analytics

Two quick configuration steps you MUST do in Google analytics before you start analysing your data – filter out spam referrals and your own visits.

Are banner sliders out of fashion?

Apple uses a sliding banner

The jury is IN and banner sliders are OUT. This is why.

Deploying a website live – 6 point checklist for the layman

Deploying a website live - 6 point checklist for the layman

About to deploy your new website live? Avoid potential disasters with this quick 6 point checklist.

Best Tool for Checking your Google Keyword Rankings

Setup Google Analytics goals in 7 easy steps

Here are six reasons why I think Tiny Ranker is the best tool for checking your Google Keyword Rankings.

Anatomy of a perfect checkout page – Nike case study

Anatomy of a perfect checkout page - Nike case study

What does a perfect checkout page look like? Like Nike’s! We show five fantastic features of Nike’s checkout page that you can implement on your online store.

How many clicks must your users make to buy from you?

Amazon's cart page is very distracting and messy.

Each click in your purchasing process is a hurdle that separates you from your user’s money. Your aim must be to streamline that process by reducing the number of clicks to as few as possible.

5 Features every Blog needs

5 Features every Blog needs

A quick and dirty 5 point checklist required for every blog.

Why did Google Reduce the Number of Ads Shown in the Search Results?

Why did Google kill the ads shown on the right hand side of the search results pages? What does it mean for businesses using Google AdWords?

13 SEO Tools – a review of Neil Patel’s review

seo marketing strategy blog keywords

Neil Patel (the big cheese of SEO) recently put together a review of 13 “essential” SEO tools.

We’ve summarised the 13 tools mentioned in the review and listed them by value (to us) and their fees.