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Top 4 SEO Influencers

Top 4 SEO Influencers

Ever wondered about the crazy world of SEO, but not sure where to start your education? Here are Yarra Webs’ top four SEO influencers to check out.

Top 5 Marketing Automation Tools for Enhancing Business Performance

5 necessary marketing automation tools for enhancing your business performance

Marketing automation tools are a break offered to us by clever IT people who have obviously sat down with a fair number of marketing experts in order to find out what it is that they need done and which of the tasks and results the human brain finds the hardest to deliver. Here is a […]

Marketing Automation and the Art of Patience

marketing automation and the art of patience

Did you know that most marketing leads never turn into sales? Did you know that most marriage proposals are rejected on the first date? Perhaps we should have gotten to know each other just a little bit better first. Our guest author Chuck Bankoff shares some tips on how to patiently nurture leads through marketing automation.

About Page- Your Site’s Hidden Gem

About Page - Your Site’s Hidden Gem

It’s one of the most overlooked opportunities in the design of your site. It’s become an afterthought, the last thing completed by your designers and developers—a short collection of words and maybe a hastily thought through headshot or product photo. But though page visits differ across a variety of industries, the About Page is frequently one of a company’s highest rank.

2017 Social Takeaways… So Far

2017 Social Takeaways So Far

2017 has seen digital growth and trends, which have defied even the most expert of expectations. Yarra Web reviews key takeaways for your business.

Leverage LinkedIn to Grow Your Client Base

Leverage LinkedIn to Grow Your Client Base

Have you thought about your company is using LinkedIn? It’s not just for resumes anymore. Today, LinkedIn is a verifiable playground of potential clients. Today, Yarra Web shares five best practices to keep in mind.

Tripwires’ Role in Your Business Plan

Tripwires Role in Your Business Plan

Tripwires are a recent digital marketing tool, used to better leverage your existing website traffic and turn more visitors into paying customers. In fact, research suggests that websites with a tripwire are up to 70% more likely to make a conversion than websites without. We’re sure that your reaction is split between, “Wow! Super cool. […]

Parallax Scrolling- Does it Make Sense for Your Site?

Parallax Scrolling- Does it Make Sense for Your Site?

Gone are the days when the common Website would do for a business. Each and every day, companies are coming out with new technologies, pioneering new digital trends and re-designing their sites so that they’re the most optimal Welcome sign for potential customers perusing the internet. Yarra Web aims to remain on the forefront of […]

How Businesses use Pinterest to Grow Their Website Traffic and Make Sales

How Businesses use Pinterest to Grow Their Website Traffic and Make Sales

It seems like just yesterday Pinterest, among the troop of social media platforms, was a baby used by few. Today, it is referred to as one of the Big Four. Here are some tips and tricks to ensure your business is getting everything it can out of Pinterest.

Is Social Media Valuable for Your Business?

is social media valuable for your business

Is social media necessary for your business? Short answer- yes. This isn’t a trend, it’s not a fad, it’s not going anywhere anytime soon. The bigger question is, which platforms do you invest your time in?