How our SEO Strategy increased Sales Leads by 330% in Two Months

Our client ‘Restumping Melbourne’ is a construction industry participant who specialises in residential and commercial building restumping and underpinning. Essentially, the client inspects and repairs the foundations of a structure, such as a house or shop, if it’s found that those foundations have deteriorated.

Our client’s passion and niche is entirely for their services – restumping and underpinning, and they certainly had no expertise or experience in online marketing or building websites. In a roundabout way, this put the client in the perfect position to judge our Search Engine Optimisation efforts – we would either send them lots of sales leads or we wouldn’t – there was nowhere for us to hide.

In addition, the client was totally uninterested in the details of our digital marketing strategy. We would be judged solely on our results and the cash value of our plan.

The problem

We started our digital strategy completely from scratch. The client had no online presence whatsoever and the client’s competitors were very well established fixtures on Google’s search results.

Our first task was to create a high converting website very quickly and with a limited budget. Because the client needed results quickly to be able to continue working with us, this could not be a project that stretched on for months with nothing to show for it.

We also created a marketing plan that would perform well on the allocated budget and that was ready to roll out within 30 days. Every minute counted.

The Solution

Within 10 days, we’d created a simple but attractive website that was ready to launch. It aligned with the brand values, publicised the client’s unique selling proposition and every page was dedicated to converting website traffic to sales leads.

We installed Google analytics to measure every sales enquiry, whether by phone call, email or quote form submissions. Analytics also allowed us to track where our enquiries were coming from before they hit our website such as; social media, paid advertising or Google organic search. Analytics also told us demographic information on our leads; such as age, gender, location and interests which allowed us to divert our advertising budget to the demographics which provided the highest return on investment. This data allowed us to squeeze every cent from our marketing budget and put it where it was most effective in generating leads.

We also created a strategy to play the long SEO game, which was to achieve top organic rankings on Google for our highest converting keywords. We did this by publishing content on the client’s website that attracted their ideal customer (known to us by the demographic information from Google Analytics), then we designed each page of the website to direct the visitor down the path to becoming a sales lead.

The Results

The results were very pleasing to both our client and to us. We reported on every single lead our strategy created and exactly what that lead cost to produce. We were then able to continually work on lowering that cost per lead by using the methods described above.

Even though our performance was only judged on the results in terms of sales enquiries, these results were backed up by the increase in website traffic over the initial period.

We continue to enjoy working with the client on the same strategy and we are proud to have been able to deliver such a great result for our client.


“Yarra Web have been absolutely integral to the success of my business.  

We consider them our trusted business partners and look forward to many more years of working with them.”

Sam Khoshaba
Restumping Melbourne