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Rosewood Downs

Rosewood Downs is an Aged Care supported residential facility located in Dandenong, Victoria, who after owning possibly the world’s oldest website were in need of a general refresh and update.

We redesigned the theme of the site in line with their updated logo and branding and paid particular attention to researching the needs of the demographics who make the enquiries into these services (often the children of the residents) and designed a website which catered specifically to their informational needs.

It was also important to feature a prominent image gallery to show off the new shots taken by their professional photographers at Dinography.

Needless to say, the team at Rosewood Downs are very happy with their new website and happily provided a new placement to usher their previous website into a lovely retirement.


Thanks a million for the job very well done for our Aged Care Facility ROSEWOOD DOWNS. Our new website looks excellent. I have received some excellent responses and good comments.

Without your help I could not have achieved my goal. You are a good communicator and all the best. I will definitely recommend you to others.

Thanking you

Ruban Malarrajan

Director, Rosewood Downs