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Valley Windows

Our Responsibilities

  • Design
  • Development
  • Content Development
  • CMS
  • Hosting & Maintenance

About the Project

Valley Windows required a new website that would achieve the following business goals:

  1. Distinguish between and properly cater to their relevant target audiences.
  2. Position the business as a premium supplier.
  3. Increase demand for products through increased website traffic.
  4. Accurately track and measure the results of online marketing efforts.

To achieve the above goals, much time was spent identifying the various target markets and their needs, and then designing a website structure that would achieve the intended digital interactions the business wanted to have with their potential clients. The website was designed to then push those potential clients from website traffic through the sales funnel to making showroom appointments and ultimately into customers.

Positioning Valley Windows Melbourne as a premium supplier involved the use of strong visuals and professional photography of their local manufacturing team and plant, and to visually show how integral the people at Valley Windows are in making a quality, industry leading product.

The website showcases all the business’s products through an online store style setup, which then encourages users to book a showroom appointment for more information. The product catalogue design is oriented to attracting maximum Google exposure.

Google Analytics goals and traffic reporting was installed for performance reporting and accountability tracking of the business goals.