Top 5 Marketing Automation Tools for Enhancing Business Performance

5 necessary marketing automation tools for enhancing your business performance

Marketing automation tools are a break offered to us by clever IT people who have obviously sat down with a fair number of marketing experts in order to find out what it is that they need done and which of the tasks and results the human brain finds the hardest to deliver. Here is a list of the basic tools which only scratches the surface.


Just as the name suggests, Statsbot is there to analyse data from various platforms and continuously keep an eye on your metrics.  It is there to warn you and provide reports on your demand. Statsbot can also be used as a tool of communication within a company or between partners as it can help you share the stats generated. Using Stasbot will save you a lot of money as you will no longer need to hire someone to do this type of work for you and there will be no risk of human error. Also, keeping you updated will enable you to act quickly and prevent or resolve any issues.


This is a great tool to keep your website worth the money invested. Jumplead will help your conversion rate by not allowing you to lose any leads. It will keep track of the traffic on your website and try to build relationships with your website visitors. Jumplead offers assistance to your potential clients by enabling live chat. It will profile the gathered leads and divide them into categories depending on how active they are. The tool is also able to assist you with email marketing by personalizing your interaction.


This is another very popular tool. According to the makers of Hubspot, it is incredibly easy to use and is well organized. Hubspot is another go-to product for inbound marketers. It will help you form your offer based on your buyers’ requirements. They offer assistance with attracting customers by providing engaging personalized content, landing pages, CTAs, and websites. Once that is done and you have the hold on your customers it will help you maintain good rapport.


This is a classic tool. It offers a variety of marketing automation services and according to busy people at GWM and other satisfied users. Marketo is more than you would expect from this type of tool. It is moderately priced yet it helps you manage your leads through personalized emails and chats. Each time you have an upcoming campaign it can create an optimized landing page. Marketo can also take credit for the monitoring part as it will organize your leads, do your website’s metrics, provide a report on it and update your CRM accordingly. Marketo is a valuable helping hand as it is not only more reliable than an average worker, but it will cost you much less than employing one.


Unlike any of the above-mentioned tools, Renderforest specializes in a very tight field of marketing. It will not manage your leads or attract the sales directly but it will help you create content that will. Renderforest is a free animation tool and you can use it in your marketing campaigns to create videos, slideshows, infographics, and presentations. It is a great time and money saver as it will have a ready product in a matter of minutes. Without Renderforest you would probably have to hire someone to make a promotional video for you, but with it, you no longer have to.

There is a growing number of marketing automation tools available. I find that these can pretty much cover your company’s marketing activities. Digital Marketing experts from Technical Minds Web generally suggest using the trial period to assess the selected few tools after you narrow down your choice. That way you will see which one suits you and your business’s needs the most.

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